Graphene【Wuxi Graphene Prospect】

A material raises prospect of graphene; An industry benefits the dream's blossoming

Wuxi Graphene Prospect
  • In August of 2010, the first graphene enterprise entered the park
  • In August of 2013, Wuxi Graphene Industry Development Demonstration Zone was founded in Huishan after approval of Wuxi Municipal People's Government
  • In August of 2015, it was identified as Huishan Distinctive Industrial Bases of Graphene New Materials of Wuxi of National Torch
  • In March of 2018, the national first State-level Graphene Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was approved to found

Wuxi Graphene Industry Development & Demonstration Zone

One area Two centers

One area

  • R&D Innovation Area
  • Project Incubation Area
  • Acceleration Development Area
  • Industrial Application Area
  • Comprehensive Supporting Area

Two centers

  • Wuxi Graphene Technology and Application R&D Center
  • National Graphene Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Five main application directions

Supercapacitive energy storage

Conductive thin film

Thermal-conductivity and exothermic materials

Composite materials

Electronic parts and components

Graphene Technology and Application R&D Center

Graphene Technology and Application R&D Center, founded in January of 2015, owns 1500m² of lab area and more than 80 sets of professional R&D and detecting equipment. Relying on the professional operation team, it provides the relevant enterprises of production and application of graphene materials, etc. with services like R&D design, experimental verification, material analysis and intellectual property protection, etc. Meanwhile, it has been approved to be Jiangsu One-star Platform of Public Service of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and become the third-party testing organization approved by CNAS.

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Graphene Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

The national Graphene Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, as the first state-level graphene quality-inspection center, was jointly established by the demonstration zone and Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute Branch of Wuxi and approved to found jointly by original General Administration of Quality Supervision and Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China on March 14 of 2018.

The National Quality Inspection Center is a public technology service platform integrated with inspection and detection, standard establishment, application and R&D, technology consulting and other services, covering an area of 20mu, with a total investment of 0.13 billion Yuan and a total value of the equipment of above 60,000,000 Yuan, equipped with the cutting-edge detection equipment including spherical aberration correction transmission electron microscope, etc. Owning a professional technical team led by professor-level senior engineer and with doctor and master as the backbone, it gets the support of government expenditures in the research direction of modified composite material, energy storage materials, oil products, metal surface protection and photoelectric device of graphene, etc. and also conducts industry-university- research cooperation with many enterprises. Furthermore, it also dominates formulation of local standards of graphene of Jiangsu and participates in establishment of a number of national and international standards.

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Wuxi Graphene Application Industry Park

Graphene application industry park (70,000m²), five major industry application directions: Ultra-energy electric power storage, Conductive thin film, Thermal-conductivity and exothermic materials, Composite materials, Electronic parts and components.

Domestic and international cooperation

The demonstration zone respectively became the first batch of member unit of China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry and China International Graphene Industry Union in August of 2013 and October of 2016. Meanwhile, it also became the core unit of collaborative co-building national graphene industry innovation center of China International Graphene Industry Union.

The demonstration zone has organized the Graphene Innovation and EntrepreneurshipCompetition for three consecutive years

Settled enterprise of graphene