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 Summary and compile of national, provincial, municipal and regional talent policy

No Name of policy
1 National "Thousand Talents Program"
2 National "Ten Thousand Talents Program"
3 Provincial "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan"
4 Provincial "333 Project"
5 Municipal "Taihu Lake Talent Plan"
6 Municipal "Taihu Lake Talent Plan"  Local Talent Development Plan
7 Regional "Pioneer Talent Plan"
8 Regional "123" Talent Support Plan
9 Regional "Intelligence Worker" Training Plan
10 "Talent-benefit Service One-card-through"
11 Rent allowance for undergraduate
12 Jobseeker and entrepreneurship allowance
13 Allowance for apprentice and practical training of undergraduate students, allowance for academic research and practice of postgraduates
14 Social insurance and allowance for flexible employment
15 First-time entrepreneurship allowance
16 Exemption of administrative service fees
17 Entrepreneurship and social insurance, loan support
18 Living allowances for university graduates
19 Employment support allowance for the post-doctor entering workstation
20 Living allowances for skilled talents
21 Living allowances for special technical talents
22 Outstanding service talents supporting
23 Financial aid for postdoctoral workstation
24 Subsidies for training of skilled talents

Micro-policy of talents of Huishan Economic Development Zone

1.Encouraging the enterprise to introduce and breed talents of national "Thousand Talents Program", provincial "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan" team and talents of provincial "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan".

2.Encouraging the enterprise to introduce and independently train the high-skilled talents.

3.Encouraging the enterprise to introduce and independently train the professional and technical personnel.

4.Encouraging the enterprise to introduce the senior management talents.

5.Encouraging and supporting various talents to perform innovation and entrepreneurship in the development area.

6.Encouraging the training institution (Except for the institutional unit signing and concluding the agreement of preferential policy with the development area and park (Center)) to convey senior workers and above skilled talents to the enterprises in the development area.

7.Encouraging the enterprise to strengthen the employee's professional skill training.

8.Encouraging the enterprise to participate in various activities of talent recruitment.

9.Supporting the enterprise to introduce and retain the high-level talents.

10.Providing the newly-introduced high-level talents of enterprise (Overseas bachelor or above, domestic master degree or above, vice-high-level title and above, technician or above, senior management and operation personnel) with free check-in policy of talent apartment for above 6 months.