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Category Policies
Talents The Recruitment Program of Global Experts
Jiangsu mass entrepreneurship and innovation brain plan
Wuxi Taihu brain plan
Wuxi Taihu talent emerging industry entrepreneurial leading talents
Huishan pioneer talent plan
Talent policy in Huishan Economic Development Zone
Technologies Special fund projects for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu
Industry prospective and generality key technology (industrial) fund in Jiangsu
Wuxi S&T development funds
Economy and information Industrial and information transformation and upgrading special guidance funds in Jiangsu Province
Wuxi industrial development funds
Intelligent manufacturing Wuxi three-year (2017-2019) action plan of intelligent manufacturing
Suggestions on accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing innovation demonstration enterprises in Huishan District
Graphene Graphene industry development plan outline in Wuxi (2013-2020)
Policy suggestions for promoting the development of graphene industry in Wuxi City
Others Policy opinions on deepening the development of modern industry in Wuxi City
Policy opinions on deepening the development of modern industry in Huishan District
Enterprise-friendly policies in Huishan Economic Development Zone

Characteristic service

Technology Service Platform

1、Wuxi Graphene R&D Center of Technology and Application、National Graphene Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Wuxi Graphene R&D Center of Technology and Application:A comprehensive scientific research service center integrating testing, R&D and technical service to provide the R&D process system solution for enterprises and R&D teams. Focus on building the graphene two-dimensional material laboratory, the functional materials laboratory and the industrial equipment technology laboratory. Has served more than 100 enterprises and institutions, including BYD Auto, ENN Science & Technology, Sixth Element and other listed companies and excellent graphene application enterprises.

National Graphene Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center:It has many laboratories, such as graphene testing, nature research, product application to provide high quality testing and inspection, standard setting and application R&D of graphene and other new materials for enterprises and issue authoritative detection reports. Now it is leading the local standard formulation of graphene and proactively taking part in the formation of the national testing standard of graphene.

2、Wuxi Huishan Intelligent Manufacturing Public Service Platform

With two professional platforms of “Jiangsu intelligent manufacturing & robot application public service platform and Wuxi Huishan industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing public service platform”, it mainly provides technical guidance and reform for traditional manufacturing enterprises, helps the traditional manufacturing to upgrade through the production line refitting and can also supply the enterprises with automation system solutions and technical support, remaining committed to being a domestic-leading and international advanced public service platform of robots and intelligent manufacturing. Now the platform has been connected with a number of manufacturing enterprises to carry out the comprehensive cooperation in digital manufacturing of complex surface, industrial robot operating system, TUTK and industrial big data.

3、Wuxi Huishan Photoelectric Public Technology Service Platform

Wuxi Huishan Photoelectric Public Technology Service Platform focuses on the application and development of seven laser sectors, including three dimensional welding, three-dimensional cutting, laser marking, laser code-spurting device, automatic system, cladding system, fine processing, providing technical inspection services and R&D process system solutions for enterprises.

Production & filing service

Providing the productive investment project with the comprehensive whole-chain services including environment assessment and audit, energy-saving assessment of equipment, development and reform approval filling, technical improvement approval filling, environmental assessment handling and instruction, etc., helping the enterprise to regulate the production procedure, legitimately carrying out projects.

S&T Finance Center

Technology transfer service

Relying on International Technology Transfer Center and National Patented Technology (Huishan, Wuxi) Exhibition Trade Center, integrating various innovation resources, providing the all-round services of exhibition, transaction, transformation, consultation, agent, litigation, capitalized operation and training of specialized knowledge property rights, etc. setting up both-way green channel of innovation resource and speeding up the pace of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

Entrepreneurship & training service

Inviting successful entrepreneurs, investors, professors and scholars as the enterprise mentor, carrying out industrial themed salon, topic exchange and road show of project, etc., inviting the government departments to conduct the policy interpretation of finance and taxation, social insurance, technology and talents, etc. for the enterprise, and implementing entrepreneurship and training together with various science and technology intermediary agencies of law firm, accounting firm and trademark agency, etc.

Wuxi Huishan S&T Finance Center


The center has a number of high quality capital and excellent financial ecological environment, including venture investment, securities institutions, guarantee companies and commercial banks. Wuxi Huishan S&T Finance Center has built a complete set of S&T financial service system for small and medium-sized S&T enterprises centered on “introducing all kinds of venture capital funds and building an enterprise docking platform”--from bank financing during the project incubation period, angel investment in the initial period to risk investment in the growth period until sustainable S&T financial services for the whole life period before and after the listing

Preferential policies

Supporting policies for financial institutions such as equity investment enterprises, S&T lending institutions and guarantee institutions

  • Set up supporting policies for equity investment enterprises

  • Support policies of S&T enterprises in the investment development zone of equity investment enterprises

  • Set up support policies of specialized institutions for S&T loans

  • Supporting and encouraging policies of specialized institutions for S&T loans for S&T enterprise credit

  • Supporting policies for introducing professional guarantee agencies to set up institutions in the development zone

Financial service sector
Equity investment Venture capital investment, risk investment, PE equity investment
S&T guarantee Enterprise financing guarantee
S&T loans Investment loan linkage
Minor loan, re-lending Short-term liquidity service
Listed trading Enterprise listing service
Asset investment Financial risk project disposal
Business factoring Accounts receivable financing services
Enterprise service sector
Policy services Policy interpretation and policy advisory service
Information data service Enterprise database, financial institutions database
Credit service Credit investigation, credit rating and credit management consultation
Integrated service sector
Fortune plaza Private fund fundraising recommendation
Salon forum Project road show, consultation, training, lecture
Financial, tax and law Accounting and auditing service, corporate forensic consultation, fiscal taxation policy and legal consultation