Intelligent manufacturing【Huishan intelligent manufacturing】

Intellectualization, greenization, servitization, high-end oriented, branding

Huishan intelligent manufacturing

In 2017, Huishan Intelligence Precision Manufacturing Maker-space Community in Wuxi was rated as Jiangsu's first batch of pilot maker-space community proposing to be filed.

General introduction

Supported by the technical advantages of HUST-Wuxi Research Institute in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and combining with traditional industry of Wuxi, it concentrates on building the industrial cluster which is intelligent manufacturing dominated with great efforts.

Huishan Intelligent Manufacturing Public Service Platform in Wuxi

With two specialized platforms "Jiangsu Public Service Platform of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot Application" and "Huishan Public Service Platform  of Industrial Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing", it focuses on providing the traditional manufacturing enterprises with technical guidance and technical transformation, helping with upgrade of traditional manufacturing industry through modification of product line, and can also provide the enterprise with automatic system solutions and technical support. It is committed to becoming the domestic leading and international advanced public service platform of robot and intelligent manufacturing. At present, the platform has realized docking with many manufacturing enterprises and conducted comprehensive cooperation respectively in the field of digitized manufacturing of complex surface, industrial robot operation system, intelligence of internet of things and industrial big-data, etc.

Huishan Intelligent Manufacturing Accelerator in Wuxi

Cover a building area of 86,000m², with reinforcement of "Intellectualization, greenization, servitization, high-end oriented and branding" as the orientation, it is the innovation-type carrier of speeding up development of intelligent manufacturing industry. Based on actual requirements of development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, it assists the enterprise in accelerating development and also assists in the regional industrial technology updating, transformation and upgrading.

Four major industrial directions

  • Numerically-controlled machine tool and robot and core parts & components

  • Intelligent warehousing and logistics

  • Intelligent healthcare

  • Operating system and industrial software

Settled enterprises of intelligent manufacturing